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Who Is A Good Candidate For Invisalign?

Invisalign has quickly become one of the most requested services for our orthodontist in Soda Springs—and for good reason. 

There’s something that draws people to being able to fix their smiles without a mouth full of metal and wire. Invisalign offers the same results as traditional metal braces, but through a more subtle, comfortable method. 

With Invisalign, clear plastic trays are fitted over your upper and lower teeth to reposition them gradually over time. While there are many benefits to this option from your orthodontist in Soda Springs, it’s not a good fit for every patient. 

Let’s take a deeper look. 

Patients Who Can Benefit From Invisalign

For gaps between teeth or an overcrowded or crooked smile, Invisalign can be highly effective. It can also correct mild underbites and overbites. If you have protruding teeth, front teeth that overlap, or other misalignments when your jaw is shut, you may be an excellent candidate for Invisalign. 

These issues can be caused by a variety of different factors, like thumb sucking, injury, genetics, or oral disease. While the reasons for trying Invisalign may seem cosmetic, there’s actually a deeper reason why it matters to correct your smile. 

If left untreated, serious long-term dental problems can occur. But the good news is, you can help prevent dental related earaches, headaches, gingivitis, jaw pain, and more all while bringing out the natural beauty of your smile with Invisalign

When Invisalign May Not Be The Answer

For patients who suffer from serious or extreme oral conditions, Invisalign may not be best. Examples may include extreme overbites or underbites that indicates a larger issue with the jaw bone. 

It may also be better for young children and teens whose jaws haven’t stopped growing to wait until they reach adulthood to give Invisalign a try. It can also be easier for adults to keep their Invisalign in for the required 22+ hours a day. 

Invisalign From Your Orthodontist In Soda Springs

Ready to give Invisalign a try? Take a step toward a brighter smile with Invisalign in Soda Springs

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One thought on “Who Is A Good Candidate For Invisalign?

  1. Thank you for talking about how Invisalign can help with minor misalignments. My son’s teeth curving problems aren’t as serious as other kids’ problems, so I was wondering if there was any solution for this that wasn’t as costly as full-on braces. Now that I know of Invisalign, I’ll look for any cosmetic dentists in the area that can help him get some.

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