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Are Braces Necessary?

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Nowadays it seems like everyone over the age of 12 has had braces at one point or another. The increase in popularity of braces raises the question, are braces a medical necessity or simply a cosmetic treatment? The answer is, braces can be a necessity, especially if your crooked teeth are causing health issues. Below are a few of the benefits of braces.

Cleaner Teeth

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean. Even if you thoroughly brush your teeth, some areas may be unreachable because they are hidden by another tooth. Bacteria will start to grow in the unreachable crevices and can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other periodontal diseases. Braces will align the teeth, getting rid of those unreachable areas, and make brushing your teeth easier and more effective.

Prevent Grinding

When teeth aren’t perfectly aligned there is a greater chance that they will grind together. Persistent grinding can wear down the teeth or even cause them to break or become loose. Once part of your tooth is gone, it’s gone forever. Braces will move the teeth into their intended positions, reducing the likelihood of grinding. 

Close Gaps

Misaligned teeth often have gaps in between them. These gaps are pockets where food can get stuck creating a gathering place for bacteria. Brushing and flossing will help to remove the food caught in those gaps, but that’s usually not for several hours after eating. Dental braces will align your teeth to the proper spacing, eliminating gaps where food can get stuck.

Alleviate Sleep Problems

Did you know that crooked teeth can even lead to sleep problems? A misaligned jaw, crooked teeth, or uneven bite can prevent the mouth from closing causing a person to breathe through their mouth while they sleep. Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose can increase the risk of cavities, because bacteria isn’t being washed away by saliva, and inflamed gums due to the dryness of the mouth. Braces will straighten the teeth, even out the bite, and algin the jaw so the mouth will close properly allowing the person to breathe through their nose as they sleep. 

Fix speaking Issues

Misaligned or overcrowded teeth can sometimes cause speech problems. Crooked teeth may get in the way and prevent the pronunciation of some words. Dental braces will move your teeth into their proper positions and help to correct your speech. 

Improve Jaw Movement

Crooked teeth can sometimes cause irregular jaw movement which can lead to extra stress on the jaw muscles and joints. Over time these issues can become more complicated and painful. Straightening the teeth to where they are supposed to be with braces will correct irregular jaw movement. This will also help to create a more balanced bite which will make biting into food and chewing easier.

Increase Self-esteem

Braces can also help to increase your confidence. If crooked teeth are making you self-conscious and keeping you from smiling, braces can give you the smile you always wanted and the confidence you deserve! A confident smile can be the foundation of success in all aspects of your life!

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